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Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho caught on cam

vicki belo-hayden kho

The first time I’ve heard of the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili affair was like six months back. People moved on thinking that it’s all over until explicit videos of the two (and two other gorgeous women) surfaced on the Internet and pirated dvd’s being sold at Quiapo stands and other free standing stalls at Php120.00 each. Some sells it at Php150.00 when a normal regular pirated movie is selling at Php50.00. Videos are now being shared by people from different industries who are curious and those who want to see some flesh of the starlet Katrina Halili, a commercial model/actress/doctor named Maricar Reyes and a Brazillian beauty whose name is yet to be identified.

Watching these videos made me think that the women involved were victims though it was pretty obvious that they gave their full consent during the sexual act. Many has shown sympathy to the women involved in the videos particularly Katrina Halili. Late last week, there had been rumors about Dr. Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho sex video. One print media was able to watch the full document. For sure a lot of people in the industry had seen it already and perhaps, shocked with what they saw. Everyone would because it’s the renowned cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo. But I bet no one would want to see Belo take her clothes off for some explicit act.

The doctor has been dragged into an awful controversy and the business has been shaky ever since. Dr. Hayden Kho appeared recently and made a public apology about what happened but no matter how sorry he was, he can never change or alter the fact that what he did is no longer a secret. No one can blame celebrity endorsers who are moving (or planning to move) to other cosmetic surgery companies especially when solid credibility and good reputation is at stake. Could this be the end of Belo Medical Group?

Last night, the Belo Medical Group relaunched Flawless at the Fort. During this time, the controversial doctor was trapped by reporters with questions about the hottest issue in the Entertainment industry today. She mentioned that this issue has caused her so much pain (personal and business wise). She even said that what happened serves as a lesson to everyone: for lawmakers to create concrete rulings about such issues and for women to refrain from luring men who are married (or taken) to get them out of trouble. The past few days, Vicki Belo has been contemplating trying to understand what happened and see the silver lining behind it. And the lessons that she can learn from it.


On the other hand, looking at the involved parties like Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes. Could this be the end of Katrina’s career? I don’t think so. First, she acted as a heroine and a victim now gaining support from different groups and lawmakers. What about Maricar Reyes’ career (as a doctor, product endorser and celebrity)? What future lies ahead of her? It’s hard to tell but Marketing/PR strategists could only advise her to go abroad for some solitary confinement, allowing people to forget about everything. And when the issue has been covered up with another big issue, perhaps in 2 to 3 years time, she can come back for a career revamp. Apart from that, I think she should also seek counsel from psychologists and religious sectors for moral and psychological help/support. What do you think? Leave your comments.

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