SEAIR Crash Not An Accident

As told by Jose Marcel Panlilio, a passenger on Seair Flight DG-0024. Looks like SEAIR is trying to cover up something.

Photo taken after the plane crash from a vehicle provided by SEAIR

Photo taken after the plane crash from a vehicle provided by SEAIR

A mechanical malfunction. Not an accident.

A mechanical malfunction. Not an accident.


At about 15 minutes after 12 noon, the Seair pilots tried to break as normal on touchdown but did not succeed so let the heavy twin-turboprop Dornier 328 run at first, then applied the breaks again which made the plane veer extremely right almost tipping on that side.  Having lost control of steering control (or the right wheel did not come down from the undercarriage on time) the pilots’ decided to go into the muddy grass side of the runway, hitting the runway lights parts onto the tarmac.  The emergency action successfully embedded the uncontrollable wheels and steering of the plane into the mud for a full sudden stop.


Thank God for seatbelts.  Also, having owned an airline before, the problem is not pilot error but mechanical in that either steering control or the undercarriage wheels’ timing device were the problem.
Domestic runway now closed due to broken parts on runway and part of Dornier 328’s left wing partially jutting on tarmac.  Passengers remained for 10 minutes in the plane until emergency and rescue arrived. Seair ground staff were excellent, cheering passengers onto the bus with first aid offered on the side.  They even fetched the bags and pet animals from cargo to save from suffocation in the heat of the day.
Many of the passengers after the very strong jolt forward from the stoppage joked how they’re almost done paying for their homes in Cavite and this had to happen, etc.  This was a sign of how shocked they were, that required the typically Pinoy jokes to mask and smoothen the realization that the plane crash could have been far more harmful and fatal.  Many will pray fervently in gratitude tonight.
Were the pilots of Seair not quick-thinking to get into the grass fast, the uncontrollable plane was set to lie on its side with the right propeller cutting into the fuselage killing passengers and all.  From the photos, all the wheels of the plane’s undercarriage are bent.
Thank God always, we are safe.

Article and photos were provided by the passenger himself, Jose Marcel Panlilio.


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Publicly listed Boulevard Holdings, Inc. (stock symbol “BHI”) will inject an additional P40M into its Fridays Hotel unit in Boracay Island from internally generated funds. Fridays Boracay will use the money for the acquisition of additional property within Boracay for its resort expansion.

A portion of the monies will be allocated for the refurbishment and rehabilitation of its existing facilities while the business is on its low season. The planned project activities are scheduled in preparation for the nearly fully booked high season that starts in October of this year up through June 2010 based on advance bookings already received from regular and satisfied foreign and local clients.

Mauro Badiola, BHI’s VP for Finance, stated that the parent company regularly receives reports from its subsidiary that currently does not bode well for the performance of hotels in Boracay Island. “The report of our General Manager, Mr. Barry Schofield, recently indicated that tourism in Boracay is being hammered by several factors: the dwindling visits of the regional western expat travelers and local elite clients, the recent stoppage since June 25 of virtually all direct flights to Caticlan (and diversion to Kalibo) by Zest Air, Cebu Pacific, and PAL due to plane size to runway safety considerations, the swine flu rumors in the news prevalent to the Philippines, the recent direct hits from the last few typhoons, and overall disappearance in global demand for travel services. Everyone is suffering for now, even the newly opened ones like the Shangri La Boracay.” Nevertheless, Mr. Badiola went on to say, “that when the economy picks up even through traditional peak travel seasons, the first thing people will do is reward themselves and their family with some quality but affordable vacation. We remain confident that the Philippine government tirelessly promotes its tourism assets abroad, and foresee some move upward in overall tourism traffic, also as long as hotels—elite or budget—would keep their prices affordable and reasonable, in relation to value experienced by the client.”

Another unit of BHI, Fridays Boquete Island, continues to focus on the on-going construction of its 85 room Boutique Hotel in the lagoons of Puerto Galera. Expected soft opening is scheduled within the first quarter of 2010. With this in mind, the public company plans to raise an additional 80 million pesos, largely from disposal of some of its assets abroad and from within. BHI is a stakeholder and partner of Gems Cayman which owns Hong Kong based Gems International, which in turn is a partner of Macquarie in operating another fund manager, called ARF Investment Management Ltd., managing the Asia Resources Fund Limited (ARFL). ARFL is now on its fund raising activity. BHI company CEO, Jose Marcel Panlilio, stated that, “at some point BHI’s cash will be a large fraction of its market value, and so, we must channel funds to what we see as good growth but proven businesses such as resort chain development. Also BHI has an extensive set of beach properties throughout the Philippines, so the investment yield won’t be too diluted with the land acquisition aspect.” To fully complete its resort chain investments, BHI intends all in all to raise about 650 million pesos, from a combination of asset disposals, internally generated funds, and private placement with foreign private equity. BHI closed at P.10 on its last trading session.

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Nostalgic Mem’ries relives the good ol’ music

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. In fact, it’s been three long weeks since I last visited and typed on this blog site. There are a number of reasons why. First is that I’ve been busy with my business, as a PR consultant for my clients here in the Philippines; second is I am a part of Fifteen Fifty Street Couture formed by my husband and friends wherein we will be launching bad-ass designed shirts; third is that I’m also busy with Jampacked Promotions Inc.- a company formed with colleagues from the same line of business with our first-ever co-produced concert Nostalgic Mem’ries.

Since it’s part of our business, allow me to blog about it (or rather promote it) and expect to read more about tshirts and events in the next posts that I will be having.

Nostalgic Mem’ries Relives the Good Ol’ Music

Bring back the memories of yesteryears with songs from the country’s top balladeers.  Metro Concert Bar, in cooperation with LGS Promotions & Jampacked Promotions  bring you “Nostalgic Mem’ries”.  A concert featuring Rico J. Puno, Nonoy Zuniga and Rey Valera.  Sing to their hit songs on July 25, Saturday at 10 p.m. at the Metro Concert Bar, West Avenue Quezon City.  Tickets are at P1,500 & P1,000.  For inquiries and ticket reservations, call Jampacked Promotions at 9104276 or 386-1553.  Special thanks to:  The Philippine Star, Fundador, and Liveraide.

Published in Philippine STAR, July 15 at the Entertainment Section

Published in Philippine STAR, July 15 at the Entertainment Section

Sample ticket at Php1,500

Sample ticket at Php1,500

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The Interview that killed Michael Jackson’s Career

I was never a loyal fan of Michael Jackson. I never cried seeing him perform. I didn’t even shed a tear when he died. But I totally admired the professional artist and the total performer that he truly was. I don’t remember myself NOT dancing or singing to his songs because I have always loved his songs. I was born in early ’70s and I had the privilege to listen to his top of the chart hits Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller, Rock With You, Smooth Criminal, and many many more. Michael Jackson had it. He had everything until an interview with Martin Bashnir came out on television 2003.

Dubbed as Living with Michael Jackson, Martin Bashnir showed everything. And literally turned the tables around on the moonwalker making him appear as a smooth criminal. The interview was very unusual, so unusual that I was glued on bed watching the entire interview. Since then, the public has never seen much of the moonwalker on television. Most americans hated Michael Jackson and all the more judged him from what was shown on that particular interview. It was carefully and deliberately edited to show the different (or rather the odd and bad) side of the King of Pop. I must say, it was a backstabbing strategy.

Few years later, news came out that Neverland was seized by the government, Michael Jackson was in hiding and in debt, Michael Jackson was sued by a number of people and organizations, and more. I could only think of one thing how these things happened. I could only blame it to that interview. He was not able to pull it all together especially that the issue involved his children. As a former child star and a parent, I think he only wants to protect his children and think of their welfare more than anything else. So when I heard about his comeback concert, I felt glad for him to be able to bring back the pieces of his life and prove that he hasn’t lost the luster that he once had.

Then came the ill-fated news on July 25, 2009. Michael Jackson died on a suspected cardiac arrest at his rented home in Los Angeles. He was no longer breathing when his body was rushed to the UCLA Medical Hospital. The news is all over the Internet. As I watch the CNN news, thoughts ran through my mind. The King of Pop is gone. He could no longer moonwalk in front of his millions of fans in London. He could no longer cheer them and sing to them. He could no longer pay his debts and gain back his lost properties. He could no longer face his critics and say, I am back! Worse, he could no longer be there to take care, guide and protect his children the way he wanted to.

I took time to search for the interviews that I’ve seen years back and wish to share it with you guys especially to those who haven’t seen it yet. Unfortunately, I could only share a few as the video is a private property. And for MJ, perhaps they would understand you now. Good that you managed to keep the child living within you. You will always be Peter Pan. Safe journey!

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Maricar Reyes is finally out

Amidst the sex video lurking around the Internet and video stalls all over the metro, Maricar Reyes opted to keep her silence. Yes, she has been silent all this time. Everyone thought (and even suggested) that she confines herself abroad.  But she didn’t. Last Sunday, she came out in public and confidently sashayed down the ramp of ASAP 09 during a mini fashion show of ABS CBN Star Magic Talents.Donning a purple gown, Maricar Reyes was escorted by a co-Star Magic talent Jason Abalos and walked down the runway as elegant and lovely as she has always been.

I must say that this is such a brave act. And hopefully no one will ever ask her about the video. Does she need to explain herself? I don’t think so. All she could do now is just do her part in both her acting and medical profession. Check out this video at 3:20. Maricar is out to prove everyone that she’s just sooo back in the game and there’s no backing out. No way that she could be destroyed by a video proliferating on the Internet and even everywhere. And in the end, she would be remembered not because of Hayden Kho or a particular video but as a good actress and a model with a pretty face. Perhaps not now, not sooner. Maybe later. What do you think?

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. bashes Manny Pacquiao at JFK airport

This is based on a story told by a dear friend who works at the security of JFK airport who chanced upon Floyd Mayweather, Jr. sometime May 20.

One fine afternoon, this guy friend of mine was doing his usual work when a prominent personality came in. Part of the security procedure was to check all passengers. Then another security (my friend’s co-worker) jokingly told Mayweather that my friend’s a Filipino. Upon learning so, the pound for pound fighter started thrash talking the reigning IBO, RING Junior and WBC Junior Welterweight champ Manny Pacquiao saying that he won’t make money fighting the latter. He even added that he never got KO’d compared to Pacquiao who already had 2 knockouts. This egocentric boxer just wouldn’t stop criticizing and even added that, “Pacquiao doesn’t have a $3,000 pair of jeans like what I’m wearing right now.” He just went on and on so my friend just walked away thinking that one day Mayweather would eat his words.

Could this be the $3,000 pair of jeans he's talkin about? So what? Beneath his expensive clothes lies a cocky egoistic type of guy

Could this be the $3,000 pair of jeans he's talkin about? So what? Beneath his expensive clothes lies a cocky egoistic type of guy

Wearing a cool and comfy elegant pants matched with black cashmere vest and long sleeved white polo, Manny was all smiles during the opening of San Francisco baseball team

Wearing a pair of comfy elegant pants matched with black cashmere vest and long sleeved white polo, Manny was all smiles during the opening of San Francisco baseball team

At first glance (looking at him on national television), I knew that Mayweather’s personality is the arrogant type. Adding to that is the fact that he had won all his fights. But still, I don’t think it’s reason enough for him to have too much confidence oozing in his head because one day, he’d find his match. And who knows, that fighter would bring him down and shame him in front of his supporters. I’m not saying it’s Pacquiao because I’m a Filipino. But who knows? It could be possible. Everything is just possible. Like how Pacquiao defeated the Golden Boy Oscar Dela Hoya despite the fact that most people belittled Pacquiao’s height and reach compared to the latter.

Statistics states that 80% of the people who yack loses the game while the silent type are the deadly ones. Manny Pacquiao has always been silent in his fight. He remains calm and focused on his training.  Pacquiao vehemently puts his heart on the game as he dedicates every fight to his country. This selfless act made him won the hearts of not only Filipinos but people of different race all over. This selfless act alone, win or lose, made him already a winner. As for Mayweather, I hope that one day this self-centered guy and our very own Pacquiao would cross paths on the MGM Vegas for one enormous fight. And on this day, I am certain that many (including this author) would want him to bet his $3,000 pair of jeans for one big blow that perhaps, would bring him down.

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Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho caught on cam

vicki belo-hayden kho

The first time I’ve heard of the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili affair was like six months back. People moved on thinking that it’s all over until explicit videos of the two (and two other gorgeous women) surfaced on the Internet and pirated dvd’s being sold at Quiapo stands and other free standing stalls at Php120.00 each. Some sells it at Php150.00 when a normal regular pirated movie is selling at Php50.00. Videos are now being shared by people from different industries who are curious and those who want to see some flesh of the starlet Katrina Halili, a commercial model/actress/doctor named Maricar Reyes and a Brazillian beauty whose name is yet to be identified.

Watching these videos made me think that the women involved were victims though it was pretty obvious that they gave their full consent during the sexual act. Many has shown sympathy to the women involved in the videos particularly Katrina Halili. Late last week, there had been rumors about Dr. Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho sex video. One print media was able to watch the full document. For sure a lot of people in the industry had seen it already and perhaps, shocked with what they saw. Everyone would because it’s the renowned cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo. But I bet no one would want to see Belo take her clothes off for some explicit act.

The doctor has been dragged into an awful controversy and the business has been shaky ever since. Dr. Hayden Kho appeared recently and made a public apology about what happened but no matter how sorry he was, he can never change or alter the fact that what he did is no longer a secret. No one can blame celebrity endorsers who are moving (or planning to move) to other cosmetic surgery companies especially when solid credibility and good reputation is at stake. Could this be the end of Belo Medical Group?

Last night, the Belo Medical Group relaunched Flawless at the Fort. During this time, the controversial doctor was trapped by reporters with questions about the hottest issue in the Entertainment industry today. She mentioned that this issue has caused her so much pain (personal and business wise). She even said that what happened serves as a lesson to everyone: for lawmakers to create concrete rulings about such issues and for women to refrain from luring men who are married (or taken) to get them out of trouble. The past few days, Vicki Belo has been contemplating trying to understand what happened and see the silver lining behind it. And the lessons that she can learn from it.


On the other hand, looking at the involved parties like Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes. Could this be the end of Katrina’s career? I don’t think so. First, she acted as a heroine and a victim now gaining support from different groups and lawmakers. What about Maricar Reyes’ career (as a doctor, product endorser and celebrity)? What future lies ahead of her? It’s hard to tell but Marketing/PR strategists could only advise her to go abroad for some solitary confinement, allowing people to forget about everything. And when the issue has been covered up with another big issue, perhaps in 2 to 3 years time, she can come back for a career revamp. Apart from that, I think she should also seek counsel from psychologists and religious sectors for moral and psychological help/support. What do you think? Leave your comments.

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