SEAIR Crash Not An Accident

August 24, 2009 at 10:30 am 2 comments

As told by Jose Marcel Panlilio, a passenger on Seair Flight DG-0024. Looks like SEAIR is trying to cover up something.

Photo taken after the plane crash from a vehicle provided by SEAIR

Photo taken after the plane crash from a vehicle provided by SEAIR

A mechanical malfunction. Not an accident.

A mechanical malfunction. Not an accident.


At about 15 minutes after 12 noon, the Seair pilots tried to break as normal on touchdown but did not succeed so let the heavy twin-turboprop Dornier 328 run at first, then applied the breaks again which made the plane veer extremely right almost tipping on that side.  Having lost control of steering control (or the right wheel did not come down from the undercarriage on time) the pilots’ decided to go into the muddy grass side of the runway, hitting the runway lights parts onto the tarmac.  The emergency action successfully embedded the uncontrollable wheels and steering of the plane into the mud for a full sudden stop.


Thank God for seatbelts.  Also, having owned an airline before, the problem is not pilot error but mechanical in that either steering control or the undercarriage wheels’ timing device were the problem.
Domestic runway now closed due to broken parts on runway and part of Dornier 328’s left wing partially jutting on tarmac.  Passengers remained for 10 minutes in the plane until emergency and rescue arrived. Seair ground staff were excellent, cheering passengers onto the bus with first aid offered on the side.  They even fetched the bags and pet animals from cargo to save from suffocation in the heat of the day.
Many of the passengers after the very strong jolt forward from the stoppage joked how they’re almost done paying for their homes in Cavite and this had to happen, etc.  This was a sign of how shocked they were, that required the typically Pinoy jokes to mask and smoothen the realization that the plane crash could have been far more harmful and fatal.  Many will pray fervently in gratitude tonight.
Were the pilots of Seair not quick-thinking to get into the grass fast, the uncontrollable plane was set to lie on its side with the right propeller cutting into the fuselage killing passengers and all.  From the photos, all the wheels of the plane’s undercarriage are bent.
Thank God always, we are safe.

Article and photos were provided by the passenger himself, Jose Marcel Panlilio.


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  • 1. gerard  |  August 24, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    Oh my, thank God everything’s fine! Hey is this the Jose Marcel Panlilio? the businessman, the owner of Friday’s at Boracay??

  • 2. Sherill  |  August 25, 2009 at 11:08 am

    good to know ur back dude! I enjoy reading ur blogs!


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