Valentine’s Day at the St. Luke’s Medical Center

February 15, 2009 at 12:46 am Leave a comment

February 12, 2008 marks the first time Zoe was hospitalized due to Acute Gastroenteritis. She was vomitting for the past two days and had to be admitted especially that she was only 10mos of age. We went back and forth the Emergency Room (ER) of the St. Luke’s Medical Center because they didn’t see any severity on the first night until the second day that prompted me to call her pediatrician again. We were requested to go back to the St. Luke’s ER and inform the resident doctor that Zoe is due for admission upon her pediatrician’s instruction. We stayed at the hospital for more than 7 days because she had continuous diarrhea after her vomitting.

A year later, February 11, 2009. Zoe started to vomit again at 10:00pm. She was continuously vomitting so I had to take her to the pediatrician’s clinic the next day, February 12, 2009. Same date of last year, the pediatrician informed me that Zoe had to be admitted again because she has a high temperature of 39.3 and had signs of dehydration. Possible cause could be gastroenteritis or Urinary Tract Infection, otherwise known as UTI. She even refused to eat and drink milk. After a urine analysis, the possibility of an infection ruled out. Turns out, she has UTI. However, she had to stay for a few days more because her urine has to be cultured to verify if a bacteria has grown. After all, her apetite hasn’t gone back to normal yet and she has to stay at the hospital with an IV on her hand.

It came to me that February 12 was exactly the same date of last year when she was admitted. It sounds weird but the fact remains that it is really difficult for a parent to see her daughter suffering from an ailment. The fact that a child is already in pain and the stress that one gets from a needle is just too much to add to that. This is the second year that we’re spending the same occassion in a row. Sounds weird but true. I only hope that she won’t be hospitalized again next year or the many years to come. Perhaps, this is a realization for us to unite and join together as one family on Valentine’s day. Besides, what better way to spend the occassion but to spend it with your loved ones? Or not just on Valentine’s day but every day of your lives.

Hope you guys had a wonderful one. Happy Valentine’s day!


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