Zoe wins Best Photo for Philippine STAR’s Kids Only

February 10, 2009 at 4:36 pm Leave a comment

Kids Only, a weekly magazine for kids published every Saturday by The Philippine STAR, is always on the lookout for cute photos of kids from 0-12 years of age. Zoe, being the cute girl that she is, loves to pose for the cam. She loves making faces and goofing around, and that’s what makes her even more adorable. No wonder Nick TV Philippines filmed her while wearing her pirate costume during a halloween party held at the Mall of Asia last year. She was grinning, dancing and hopping. It was shown on television and she was oh so cute! This made me realize that she can also be on print especially that she has lots of adorable pictures. Immediately, I chose from her hundreds of photos.

Having the theme “I LOVE BEING A KID” on mind, I chose a photo of Zoe taken from a recently-held birthday party of a relative wherein she was donning a gorgeous red, black and white outfit that just so fit her. I recall that this was the time where she was dancing, jumping and making faces. It was the time she first met Jollibee that painted a big smile on her face. Then I knew that this photo is just so right for the theme. Clearly, being a kid is all about having fun and doing the things that they love doing whether they look cute, goofy or what. Then I thought of the caption that matches Zoe’s photo: “I love  being a kid because I can attend kiddie parties, dance, have fun, and be a fashionista without even trying.” 

That Saturday, her photo was published as a winner along with two other kids. In addition, she bagged home assorted animal toys.  The rest of the ten contestants’ photos were also published. Here’s a copy of the tearsheet that we got.

That's Zoe for Philippine STAR's Kids Only

That's Zoe for Philippine STAR's Kids Only

Zoe with two other winners and the rest of the contestants. I was only able to capture half of the page using my digicam for the fear that it may result to a pixelized photo.

Zoe with two other winners on her side and all the rest of babies and kids who join the contest

Zoe with two other winners on her side and some of the participants who join the "I LOVE BEING A KID" photo contest.


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