American Idol Season 8 contestant Michael Gurr is so back!

February 1, 2009 at 10:44 am Leave a comment

Three days ago, I blogged about American Idol Season 8 hopefuls and their hilarious auditions. Michael Gurr, the frightened kid from Phonenix who was singing like a Bulgarian (according to American Idol judge Simon Cowell), made millions of American Idol viewers laugh their heads off. His weird antics and funny face (as if he’s pooing) was totally hilarious. However, everyone must agree that he’s a sweet guy. He’s probably just shy. Well, NOT!

The 17-year old American Idol Season 8 contestant is so back! I just saw him on YouTube watching his failed audition on Dish Network. This time, he’s endorsing his Twitter, Facebook and asking everyone to subscribe to his channel. Question is, would anyone subscribe? With over a hundred of comments from different people of different countries and nationalities, I’m positive that he’d do a better job this time. But what’s there to watch, really? You better find out because he made a couple of video for everyone else on YouTube.

What’s even funnier is that he’s asking people how to get to his chick! Check out the video and maybe, just maybe, one of you could provide the right solution to his problem. 😀


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American Idol Season 8: Things that people do for the show A (probable) solution to American Idol Michael Gurr’s problem

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