Hyperthyroidism, Vertigo, Asthma, Food Poisoning. What’s next for the rest of 2009?

January 21, 2009 at 12:50 am 1 comment

I’m swamped with work these days that I haven’t blogged for more than a week already. When I visited wordpress and signed in for my blog, I realized that some people still take time to visit it without me promoting or posting anything new in different social networks that I am affiliated with. I also realized that after finding out that there’s nothing new (and rather interesting) these days, I didn’t get any hits today. As in nothing. As in zero. Well of course! What else would I expect? It’s all about SEO, dear. However, I am not blogging because of that. Neither am I blogging now to earn visits or what. What happened to me is a clear affirmation that anything can just go wrong in a snap. However, it depends on a person how he/she would handle it.

You see, I have been swamped with work lately. As in BUSY. And things aren’t working well too. I’ve been sickly and has an intense cough, which has been bothering me for quite some time now. Perhaps three long weeks! I visited the ER of Chinese General Hospital before New Year’s eve wherein I had the following laboratory procedures: urinalysis, cbc (complete blood count) and chest xray. I was asked to go back the next day for the result because it will take some time to see the results of the lab procedures. I dunno how (or what) you can call it but I didn’t go the next day (that was probably a STUPID idea). Worse, I went there three weeks after to get the results (a lot STUPID?). It’s because I realized that a three week cough accompanied by difficulty in breathing (plus occasional vertigo) isn’t something normal. So I went and the doctor asked me why didn’t I come back the following day. I had to say, “busy” with work. It’s true but come to think of it, it isn’t an excuse to overlook your health. After all, how can one work well when she’s not even feeling well? To make the long story short, I went to a Pulmonary specialist (a family doctor at Metropolitan Hospital) yesterday to seek his help. Diagnosis: Clear Chest but (hold your horses down)… Asthmatic! How can I be one? Tsk tsk. So I was prescribed with steroidal medicine and stuff. And then left his clinic.

Hunger strucked me on our way home (it was already 6pm) and so I asked our helper that we should stop in one food joint for a bowl of lugaw (congee). It was a familiar joint where my cousin used to eat and is frequented by many people in the area so I trusted that the food they serve is free from any contamination or whatever. A few hours after I came down with a headache (and I thought it’s stress because I’ve been working here and there these days). Then I felt nauseous. Just before midnight, I was dizzy (I assumed it was my vertigo attacking again) and couldn’t sleep. I felt lightheadedness and started vomitting. Two minutes after, I went out of the room (again) and vomitted. I was vomitting horrendously. Our helper had the same symptoms I was going through at the same exact time. It was then I finally had a conclusion that the culprit could be the congee that we ate at Bong’s Eatery. That’s the name of the food joint.

So I was vomitting until 3am. I slept and when I woke up, I wasn’t any better. But I had to get up and work. I had a lot of deadlines for many things: press releases, presentation, marketing report and more. Later in the afternoon, I only wanted one thing- to go to the hospital the soonest time possible. An oh so good person (you know who you are) gave me an assurance that he will bring me to St. Luke’s ER that evening. But everything just came out wrong. Just when the time I wasn’t feeling well! Just when the time that such things are unnecessary to be dealt with.

Then I remember earlier that day, I was reading a back issue of Sunday’s newspaper where Francis Kong talked about how things could go wrong and how one could be brave enough to traverse much bigger problems like lay offs, economic crisis, hunger and more. But no matter how hard I try to pull myself up by thinking that my problem wasn’t any greater than what others was having, I just couldn’t. I was really sick. Awfully sick and I just think unwarranted situations and pointless conversations are much too heavy for me to deal with. After all, food poisoning is something serious too.

What to do in situations like that? Walk away. Simply walk away and stay calm as possible. Then pray. Things could probably be better the next day. For some people who cannot take reading this post, well then just don’t. I advise you not to. I certainly believe that such blog as this to some (like me) could be a respite for all things that they think are too much to handle. I hope that the next time I go back blogging I would talk about something positive (and interesting) like I usually do. To that person, thank you so much for saving me! May God bless your good heart like all your friends, colleagues and co-workers think you are.

As for me, I only hope to have a good health and increase vigor so I could better accomplish my goals. I also pray that I won’t get sickly anymore because it just doesn’t help at all. True enough,  Health is wealth.


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  • 1. jaygee  |  January 21, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    BONG’s Eatery… better watch out for that!


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