Sooo busy during Christmas

December 27, 2008 at 9:55 am 2 comments

The Holiday season isn’t over yet but I’m through with all the errands and stuff that we only do during Christmas. Below is the list of the things that I did before and during Christmas.

Christmas Shopping!

Yes, how we love (and hate) em! Shopping Christmas presents can be stressful especially when you’re doing the last minute shopping. We did ours on the 20th. We bought gifts for our beloved families, inaanaks (godchildren), closest friends, neighbors, helper, nanny, neighbors’ helper, Philippine STAR drivers (messengers) and more. We tried our best to make everyone happy. Most importantly, we bought the best gift for our dearest Zoe. For us, best means something that she can use for a longer time. Something that is valuable and educational. Something that is also considerably fun. Something that would paint a big smile on her face. After all, that’s what parents aim to buy their kids.


Pastry Cooking.

I also made leche flan and choco almond bites for my husband’s co-employees. Like what Francis Kong said, be creative and you don’t need to spend much to do so. The best way to be innovative is to think of budgeted gifts that everyone would love. Especially for 61 people in one department alone. Gosh! You can imagine how exhausted I was after making leche flan and choco almond bites for 41 people. No wonder I wasn’t able to finish all and make 20 more. Apologies. My husband is certain that they can wait until January 5. I’ll be cooking more for them and other friends. Want some? Just lemme know and visit us at our unit. 😀

On December 23, I cooked more for cousins-in-law who are flying back to Canada on January, thinking that they would prefer those instead of an extra baggage back home.

Christmas gifts for selected people

Christmas gifts for selected people

Recycling gifts?

This is one thing that Filipinos love to do. However, I am not really proud of it and I’m glad I only recycled 2 gifts. One is the dress that was too small for Zoe and the other was nahhh! I won’t be mentioning for the fear that the recipient might read this and it’s too improper for me to write it in details. And btw, I didn’t recycle gift wrappers! I just had to point that out. 😉

Greet Friends

I wasn’t able to greet a lot of friends this year. First, we were too busy playing cards with my in-laws (aunts, cousins, brothers and sister-in laws) after a hefty dinner. We opened gifts, kissed and greeted each other Merry Christmas and more while Zoe was… asleep! Hehe. Of course, she’s still a baby. Going back to the other reason why I wasn’t able to greet a lot of friends this year, I lost all the contacts when my fone got broken sometime September. I’m sure that some people can relate to this.

Gather together.

Families gather together on Christmas. Like I said on the previous paragraph, we were with my in-laws on the 24th and spent Christmas day with my mom, grandpa, aunt and cousins. Unfortunately, grandpa wasn’t able to join us. The elevator where we live is not working… on Christmas day! Tsk tsk. However, we visited him and gave him gifts.

Attending Weddings and Christenings!

Yes, most couples (like us) prefer to get married on December. It’s the cold season and perfect for honeymooners! While others want to have their children christened before or during the holidays so they can already bring them to the church.

Remembering Jesus.

Of all the things that I mentioned, this is the most important. Everyone should remember Jesus our saviour on this day. As a parent, I always remind Zoe to pray and tell her about Jesus. I received an email from a colleague recently that children should be reminded about Jesus more than Santa Claus. Sure, we all love Santa Claus but this is not the reason that Jesus should be forgotten on his birthday. Zoe knows little about Santa Claus although we have Christmas ornaments of Santa in the living room. She only knows that the bearded man in red costume is named as Santa. I think we should all do the same. To remember and tell our kids of Jesus Christ not only on Christmas but every day of our lives. 🙂

Picture taking!

I love this… as a matter of fact, we all dressed to the nines to do this. We either say, cheese or happy before the camera snaps. Click click! 😉


What are the things that I failed to do this Holiday Season?

Donate for Charity. It has been a tradition to donate old clothes for charity. I had to skip on this because most of Zoe’s baby clothes were already donated to a charity organized by my friend Marjz last April.

I also failed to snail mail the Christmas cards I bought for my bestfriend and aunts in the U.S. Tsk tsk. I promise to send them right away before New Year.

Had I forgotten other things, do not hesitate to remind me by adding some comments. And before I forget, allow me to greet everyone a blessed Christmas! From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and God bless! 🙂


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Mick  |  December 28, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    It’s our 3rd year to celebrate Christmas as a family. I look forward to more years of celebrating Christmas with you and Zoe. Love you babe.

  • 2. Gem  |  December 30, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    Btw, I forgot to mention. Jeng was the one who taught me that choco almond bites recipe. Thanks buddy! 😉

    Chef Hen also gave some advice with the leche flan but my husband wanted to stick to the traditional leche flan that I was doing. Sorry about that. I’ll try your new innovation next time.


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