Zoe says, “Burger! Burger!”

December 15, 2008 at 3:10 pm Leave a comment

One Sunday morning, we decided to order breakfast meals at Mc Donald’s. Like the usual, we would have Sausage Mc Muffin with orange juice. Zoe, being the active baby that she is, loves to eat. She fancies anything and everything that is edible.

Once she sees everyone on the dining area, she would eagerly rush to sit on the dining chair next to me. Zoe now prefers dining chair over her high chair especially now that she’s twenty month old (1yr and 8mos). You will see the grin on her face as she says, “eat eat.” So I gave her a small piece of bread from the Sausage Mc Muffin that I was eating. After biting, she grinned and loudly said, “Burger! Burger!” immitating the TVC (tv commercial) of Mc Donald’s. We all laughed because nobody ever taught her that.

Television indeed plays a major role on the development of a child. It can hone your child’s brain development but I think too much of it can also keep her distracted from many things like eating and more. For toddlers like that of Zoe, a regulated 30mins-1hr is just okay. Or maybe less than that because too much television distracts her from sleeping early. Like what her pediatrician would say, too much stimulation is not good for the kids. 

Zoe loves watching kids’ show like “Goin Bulilit,” which I don’t really approve of. But everytime she’d cry whenever we’d turn the TV off as she watches the said kids’ gag show, we don’t have choice but to switch it on again. Then I would sit beside her and explain that it is not good. Moments later, we would watch and dance together whenever the little celebrities would sing and do a spoof of a group band or some sort just to divert her attention. After a while, I would get an educational book and turn off the television. A subtle way to keep her attention diverted to something more worth doing rather than watching kids spoof an adult joke. Most of the time, I let her watch Brainy Baby oftentimes because it is a good source of knowledge for babies and toddlers. It also helps stimulate a child’s brain and provides good entertainment.

I am certain that I am doing the right thing because a child as young as Zoe should not be watching those kind of shows. I make sure that I pick the kind of shows that she watch(es) to avoid her from doing many things that she’s not supposed to be doing like hitting someone else or saying words that she’s not supposed to say. Some parents may not totally agree because they think TV helps avoid kids from making any tantrums or what. But feel free to comment on what you think. Let’s share our experiences to help our kids grow healthier and better.


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