Erratum on Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Dream Match. Shame on… ME!

November 29, 2008 at 8:23 am 1 comment

As a first time blogger, (considering that I have only been blogging for exactly a month) I oftentimes forget to view and review the pages/posts that I write before actually publishing them. Instead of saving it on drafts folder, I would click the Publish button right away. Doing this is not an excuse however to posting “wrong” and “misleading” facts to such article that millions of Filipinos and sports readers (or even plain viewers and Pacquaio followers) can relate to.

One person was brave enough (other than my husband) to tell me straight and rather, pointblank in my face that it’s clearly obvious that I didn’t do a lot of researching. I appreciate the criticism. He wanted to add a comment but refused to do so to save my ass (or rather my face) from disgrace. Well, thanks for that. I appreciate the act and for telling me about it. Truth is, I was actually editing all parts where I was unforgivably writing misleading facts such as the “Filipino welterweight champ,” that Roger Mayweather thing, and more. However, what’s more embarrassing is that I was editing it while unaware that people were actually reading the ones with wrong information.

Now as I face the mirror and talk to myself, I contemplate and say, “Gem, hit the save button first before you do any editing. And remember to hit the save button first before publishing and trying to edit something that has been viewed by tons of people.” This isn’t a word document wherein you get to view your article first as a draft before printing them. Or even before it hits the editors. Lesson learned. I cannot undo it anymore.

To date, erratum is no longer appropriate because the said article has already been edited long before I received those criticisms offline. But to all people who have read that post containing wrong information, I only have this to say: shame on me! I am still a newbie compared to all the technicalities of this blog. And maybe next time (I hope not to make the same mistake again), try adding a comment. You’re free to rant anything you want. As for me, I’ll be (more) careful this time.


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  • 1. Gem  |  November 29, 2008 at 8:44 am

    Thanks Lon!


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